"Fishing is such great fun, I have often felt,

that it really ought to be done in bed." Robert Travor

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Splitcane - more than just a rod!

In my rods I try to gather all the experience and knowledge that generations of rod builders have found in their search for the optimal performance, both in materials and designs. During my 41 years as a rodmaker I have reached the insight that a splitcane rod is so much more than just a nice piece of fishing equipment. It represents our fly fhising heritage, devotion to craftmanship and the beauty of design. These values are shared by many splitcane rodmakers around the world and contributes to that the passion for split bamboo wil be carried on to future generations.

The fact that you can build a onehanded splitcane rod up to a length of 8'6" and two handed rods up to about 13', that handles the fish better then any mod made out of artificial  materials, will indeed show that bamboo are an excellent rodbuilding material. That a splitcane rod in addition also are the most beautiful piece of fishing equipment that man can own, somes as a pleasent bonus.

You often hear that bamboo is an archaic material - the fact that it has been used for a long time does not make it archaic - it only shows its usefulness and that it is a material that has long followed us in various fields, one of which is rod-making.


Bamboo has been used in rod-making since the middle of 1845 when Samuel Phillippe in Easton, Pennsylvania is said to have built the first split rod. This only shows its usefulness, during the same time other materials have also been available, but bamboo has withstood the competition.


 The fact that a bamboo rod is also the most beautiful fishing tool you can own can be counted as a nice bonus.

Ulf Löfdal